All the beaches of Guajiru and the surrounding area are great kitesurfing spots.

White sand, lots of space, scenic views and miles of clear warm ocean in combination with the wind and waves make up the image of a kitesurfing paradise on earth. The greatest advantage is that the place offers optimal conditions (wave for the advanced, flat lagoons for beginners) and freedom of movement between the spots with the help of dune buggies (which in itself provides a good deal of fun). Here are some examples from the vicinity of our village:

Guajiru: a great beach and kite base – only 200 m away from the hotel!

The very beach has a kite base offering convenient service by the local beach boys. The offer includes equipment rental and lessons with professional instructors (all levels, certified by IKO). There are hammocks and a mini-bar with cool drinks in the base. The spot itself is wide and, depending on the tides, offers excellent wave or gently flattened water surface conditions.

Embuaca – a windy bay with strongly flattened water surface

A major advantage of this spot is its closing made of coral reef, which, at low water, makes the water surface almost flat. The spot is located in the village, which is the center of the local fishing industry. Fish for dinner in the traditional barracas on the beach is strongly recommended!

Lagoa do Jegue (“Donkeys Lagoon”) – a perfect place for the first lessons to start your kiting adventure

A small number of people on the spot and flat shallow water (the land is always under your feet) give you the opportunity to learn in an environment safe for the beginners. It is also a great place to train tricks for the advanced.