Guajiru – the pearl of the state of Ceará

Brazil – scenic tropics and adventures in the sun

With unique nature, sunny beaches and the hospitality of its cheerful inhabitants, this huge country has been attracting tourists from all over the globe for many years

Ceará – a paradise for kite-surfers

The state of Ceará is the showcase of kitesurfing in Brazil. Perfect wind conditions for over six months a year (August – January), vast sandy beaches and a constant air and water temperature of 28–32°C combined with abundant activity spots make it a paradise for the lovers of any type of sports.

Guajirú – the pearl of the North

This small fishing village is a real gem hidden about 130 km north-west of the state capital of Ceará and also the international airport located in the city of Fortaleza. To get there, you can travel down the road No. 222, then take the CE-163 and then along the local route from the town of Trairi. Guajirú is distinguished from other places in the region by an exceptionally friendly atmosphere and safety created by the local residents, most of the time working in the fishing industry. They are cheerful and friendly people in love with their beautiful surroundings. The village has several hotels and small shops. Car traffic is almost non-existent, everything is close by, and the kite spot is actually the entire width of the ocean