Downwind – the dream of every kite-surfer




On request, we can help you organize any downwind along the coast of the state of Ceará. The route can be adapted to the requirements and sporting abilities of our guests. From Cumbuco by Jericoacoara to... Along the way, you will see the best spots, some of them are only known to the locals. All the way, you will be accompanied by a local driver and guide, and the journey will be taken in a car with four-wheel drive, mainly on the beach. We provide any technical assistance needed and accommodation in reliable, high standard hotels (breakfast included).



Sample downwind itinerary:


Day 1 – We will pick you up from the airport, then head to Cumbuco, a unique "Brazilian kitesurfing showcase". Quick accommodation in the hotel, then the beach where we test your skills during a few short trial downwinds.


Day 2 – Early in the morning, we will take the ocean route to Taíba. After a small break, you can practice your skills at this amazing location (it is practically free and offers some of the larger and most shapely waves in the area). In the evening we will return to Cumbuco to take advantage of its rich night life.


Day 3 – Downwind to Paracuru. After an early dinner, it is worth making use of the flat sea lagoon created by a reef on the QuebraMar beach.


Day 4 – One day and three different villages with their unique spots to choose from: Paracuru, Lagoinia and Guajirú.


Day 5 and 6 – We will be practicing at the local venues (the Guajirú beach, Lagoa do Jegue, Embuaca). In the evening, we will savor the mouth-watering seafood and steaks from the hotel's barbecue.


Day 7 – We will drive to the mouth of the river Mundaú and from there we will head toward Icaraizinho by ocean.


Day 8 – We will move on by ocean towards Ilha do Guajirú. After dark, we will go further by car.


Day 9 – We will spend all day in Ilha do Guajiru on a giant freshwater lagoon.


Day 10 – We will sail in the direction of the amazing Preá and Jericoacoara. That beach, one of a kind, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From its famous dunes descending straight into the ocean, we will watch the most beautiful sunset and then we will go to a party!


Day 11 – From early morning we will be practicing at the local venues, and around 4 p.m. we will be taken back to Cumbuco by car.


Day 12 – The last kiting session in Cumbuco.







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